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Tony Robbins Priming Exercise

You can prime yourself positively or negatively depending on what you allow into your mind. Tony Robbins’ priming exercise will allow you to filter out more negative stimuli to prime yourself for positive interactions, experiences and results. When you learn how to set and reset your mood, you’ll prime yourself for success.  Priming is most powerful when completed in the morning to set a productive and powerful tone for your day. It’s also useful for mastering your emotions as it gives you a moment to take a breath and control your reaction.

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What is Your Driving Force?

Every single person has the same fundamental six “human needs,” but each person places different levels of importance on them and has unique beliefs about how to satisfy those needs.

By understanding what your #1 human need is and how that shapes your behaviour, you can take control over your life’s direction and even learn how to create new patterns that unlock your hidden potential and lead you to lasting fulfilment.

Gemma Schmeling's Self-Mastery 12 week program includes a useful and deeper understanding of your Six Human Needs.

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Archetypes Quiz

Archetypes described by Caroline Myss, are patterns of power, the language of your interior.  Learning your archetypes is key to discovering who you really are and who you are meant to be.  Awaken to your own personal power.  

Who are you? What is your purpose, what do you believe and why?  

Take an archetype quiz and discover your three primary archetypes. Once you’ve discovered your archetypes you can make the choice to reclaim them and learn about them by exploring the empowerment section. You can also inspire your archetypes by clicking on one of the 12 icons in the tool bar to explore self improvement content curated to help animate and empower you.

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