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Healthy Mind + Healthy Body = Healthy Future


Restore & Rebalance

Restoring and rebalancing the mind

and body for health & happiness. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Do Well & Feel Good

Teaching the tools, resources, support, and environments needed to be who

you are, to do well, and feel good again.

Meditating in Nature

Optimise Wellbeing

Providing opportunities to learn connect

& integrate life solutions to optimise  mental & emotional wellbeing.


"Gemma has been incredible in supporting and encouraging me in my life journey.  In a safe and confidential environment we explored the experiences in my life that have shaped me as a person, working on healing, acceptance and growth.  I have learnt a vast amount of skills in order to better identify my own emotions, accept myself and my worth, coping strategies when my emotions are heightened and tools to support my emotional fitness.  Gemma has helped me get back on track, providing me with mechanisms to continue toward my future goals.  We have covered so many areas and the support and advice has been phenomenal.  I would highly recommend working with Gemma, her patience, support and empathy has touched my life."

Michelle, Manager, 36, female

"I came to Gemma at a time in my life when I felt I had lost direction and became stuck in my unhappiness.  I felt immediately at ease with Gemma due to her calm nature and nonjudgmental approach. I felt safe to be open and honest about all aspects of my life.  Gemma tailored each of our sessions and paced our work together so that my growth and the strategies I now use are sustainable for the long term.  Hand on my heart, I can say that Gemma has changed my life.  Working with her was the best decision of my life!"

Social Worker, 35, female

I felt I was in a safe space and I felt very seen. I was able to authentically show up as myself and able to gently uncover aspects of myself that I was avoiding to enable my growth. Truly magic how Gemma does it in such a natural and effortless way. Our sessions together were powerful. Thank you!


Maisie, Entrepreneur, 21, female

"Thank you so much Gemma! I have enjoyed every single moment with you, so much so that our sessions always went over time because the breakthrough moments just kept coming! You guided me to really go deep and uncover why I do what I do. There is so much freedom in truth and awareness. Thank you for providing me the tools and resources I require to move forward. Life is wonderful and I am so excited!!  I am in so much gratitude that our paths crossed." 

Artist, 53, female

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